Aluminium Foils Manufacturing in Dubai, UAE

PROFILE OF Aluminium Foils Manufacturing

Aluminum Foils Manufacturing

Aluminum foils are used everywhere at present. It is easy to find it in various shapes and forms that contain packed food or perishables. Often found as a long roll or container of specific dimensions, the consumers do not hesitate to pick them up en masse from stores as well as shopping malls for future use. The sale of diverse aluminum foil products happens to be brisk during the festive seasons.

It is necessary to update the knowledge about its benefits before beginning to use this form of disposable food packaging though. The Emiratis are particularly wary about health issues. They are concerned with cleanliness of their food as well. It is little wonder therefore that most of the residents of UAE prefer to pack their lunches from home. It happens to be both cost effective as well as advantageous to health.  

Why is the foil manufactured out of thin aluminum rolls so popular then? It helps to remain aware of the properties that make it so effective across industries. The surface of the foil remains squeaky clean with no possibility of perpetuating growth of bacteria or other microorganisms thus making it the No. 1 choice across the world. There is no contamination of the food within as the foil happens to be totally aseptic.

The packaged food also retains its aroma and taste without being affected at all when packed carefully with the aid of this beneficial foil. No part of the foil is volatile either and that indicates that there is no contraction of the item whatsoever. It also does not dry out, spoiling the flavor in the process.

Neither excessive heal nor unbearable cold is likely to make the packaged cooked food to ooze oil thus keeping the clothes along with the dining area impeccable. The elasticity of the material makes it ideal for packing foods of all shapes and sizes. The foil can also be shaped at will instead of the conventional rectangle lunch packet.

The unique properties of the product depend on the process of aluminum foils manufacturing. The entire procedure consists of 9 different stages with each one of them being crucial to the formation of a quality foil.

The aluminum ingots go through repeated castings in order to become billets of the molten metal. It is then heated to an extremely high temperature thereby losing all the impurities and becoming totally homogenized.

The surface is cut to acquire the uniform shape attaining a thickness of 8 to 10 mm. The billet is hot rolled thereafter and transformed into hot coils of exceptionally high levels of purity. The original aluminum foil structure becomes evident once the hot rolls are cooled down and processed via cold rolling it thrice.

 It is then further rolled until it attains the perfect thinness. Annealing and cutting of the foil imparts it with a few special properties that have stood the test of time making it one of most used packaging products ever.

 Aluminum foils are distributed and sold by a number of manufacturers as well as wholesalers across UAE. It can be easily sourced in Sharjah, Dubai and other cities of the region at affordable rates. The manufacturers cater to a number of industries at present including the food and cosmetic industry along with established hotel chains and popular eateries located in the Middle East.