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What are the advantages of air cargo services?

Air cargo services basically means parcelling your documents or goods through the air. There are certain advantages of opting for this mode of services, that include

  • Super fast delivery
  • Globally offered service
  • High level of security
  • Cargo is easily trackable

What is the importance of air services in cargo?

Air cargo services play a crucial role in carrying logistics supply all over the world in a fast as well as efficient manner. All important shipments reach their destinations through air cargo services. This helps to continue with the supply chain of various commodities and makes the lives of vendors as well as customers easier.

What is the air cargo limit?

Air cargo limit is the maximum cargo that can be transported by the airways at a particular time. The air cargo limit for various flights can be different, depending on the cargo space available within the flight.

What is livestock air cargo?

Livestock air cargo works towards transferring live animals from one end of the world to another using air cargo facilities. Livestock cargo service can be used to transport farm animals, exotic animals or even house pets when shifting cities or countries. There are a few factors that need to be checked while shipping livestock through air cargo. Temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide level in cargo compartment are the main factors

What are the different types of cargo services?

Ground Transport: These types of cargo services transfer shipment through the roadways. They are time-consuming and cannot be accessed globally.

Ocean Transport: This type of cargo transport is performed through cargo ships. Although they can be accessed globally, this is a heavily time-consuming method of cargo service.

Air Transport: This is the most efficient method of transferring shipments. In this method, shipments are parcelled through airways. It consumes very little time compared to other means of cargo transport and it can be easily accessible from any part of the world.