Agriculture Products And Equipment Dubai

PROFILE OF Agriculture Products And Equipment

Day by day, the agriculture industry in the United Arab Emirates is getting diversified. To meet the drastically changing demands of the industry, companies are manufacturing agriculture products and equipment. The Ministry of Economy at the UAE is constantly making efforts to maintain food reserves that could be adequate resources for adverse situations like food shortage. There is an organization in the region as Federal National Council which represents different municipalities across the country. This organization recommends subsidies to be provided on the food and agriculture related investments under the food policy. Different parts of the region are involving itself into agricultural investment. One of the examples of trading houses that are owned by the government is Abu Dhabi Sources. It focuses on securing the food supplies and aims at trading for metals and agriculture.

The agriculture products and equipment manufacturing companies in the Emirates export a number of their products out of which fish, eggs, dates, dairy products, vegetables, poultry and other products are some of the main products that are exported by the UAE companies. There are a number of investment related opportunities in the agriculture industry available for the US based and the UAE based companies. So, the local UAE companies are showing interest in these opportunities that could further lead to growth of the agriculture sector. Science has grown up to an advanced stage and today is the era of technology. Innovative agriculture products and solutions are available for the farmers in the UAE that can boost up the agricultural production to a new level.

To meet the challenges that farmers and producers face in the industry, agriculture products and equipment manufacturing companies have brought advanced solutions for them to succeed. When the crop produced in the farms is healthy and marketable, farms would gain profitability. It involves a lot of efforts to grow the crop successfully to a high quality yield. It starts with sowing the seeds and further goes to protecting the crops from pests. At the end, delivery of high quality crops is made and it is ensured that the crop yield is nutritious for the consumers. The whole process of producing high quality agricultural products requires good amount of efforts and resources including the use of highly productive machineries. Not only the quantity but quality as well as sustainability of the crops are also ensured by the UAE companies.

Some of the equipments and tools used in the agriculture sector include thresher, baler, harrow, irrigation equipment, seed cleaning machine, pest control equipment, agricultural equipment, farm equipment, rice planting machine, paddy cutting machine, telehandler, automatic seed drill, farm machinery, plough, disc harrow, sprinkler pipes, rotavator, micro irrigation system and many more. There are different kinds of agricultural products made available by the UAE companies including disease prevention products, crop protection products, seeds and others. For yielding high quality crops, seeds are the most important things required for farming. The UAE companies provide the best quality seeds from the top brands.

They offer high performance quality agricultural seeds to the farmers. These seeds maximize the productivity of farm land and enhance its sustainability. The branded seeds commit increased food production to meet the growing needs of the consumers in the UAE. To safeguard the produced crop yield, it is utmost important to use pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or herbicides that can protect the crops effectively. Crop protection is even more important because it saves the precious efforts, time and money invested by the farmers and producers from the beginning till the end stage of crop production. Through the quality crop protection solutions, it is possible to control the growth of insects, pests and weeds that may damage the crops or lead to diseases.