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Agricultural Laboratory

The world cannot sustain itself without food. It is necessary to take care of agriculture as closely as possible therefore. Simply buying the seeds and other products required for growing food and maintaining the livestock is not enough. The products as well as the soil and water needs to be analyzed properly so that production remains at an optimum that serve mankind effectively without taking a toll on the health of the consumers.

The responsibility of an agricultural laboratory is huge therefore. It is not limited to testing the food products though. On the contrary, almost everything right from the farm produces and fruits plus the products from vineyards and poultry sources are inspected exhaustively so that its quality remains the best. Yes! Every developed country makes use of such laboratories to better their produces and the Middle East is not left behind in this endeavor either. Special mention needs to be made of the, Plant Health Laboratory’ situated at Sharjah. The scientists working there have been making inroads into the area of eradicating plant diseases by identifying and eradicating the causes right at its root.

The test results obtained at different labs are sent to the farmers and growers at the earliest and they are apprised of the situation. Effective solutions are also shared with the ones who are engaged in agriculture so that the quality of food is maintained as per the international standards. However, not every agricultural laboratory offers every test. The facilities are as diverse as the needs.

The testing centers are within easy reach of every farm and land owner as well with neither public nor private companies denied an opportunity to improve their produces and products in the long run. Soil testing happens to be the major focus in most areas though with the chemical components tested conclusively and the list of nutrients found within the soil drawn up to be shared with the producer. Having the results handy is a surefire way of ensuring productivity by addressing the need for fertilizing the soil without harming the environment in any manner.

There are numerous fertilizer dealers and manufacturers who are interested in sending their products for testing at the nearest agricultural laboratory too. Extensive testing helps them to assess the quality and motivate them to try and improve the fertilizers by adhering to the standards thereby helping them to profit eventually. Water is the most essential component to be utilized by farms and manufacturing units. Testing the quality of water that is used extensively for a number of different purposes can help to make a huge difference to the quality of food products and grains that enter the market. Taking steps to minimize the microbial concentration of the water is indeed a beginning to solve the quality issue pertaining to all agricultural produces thus improving human life substantially.

Using chemical fertilizers may result in bigger sized veggies and fruits but the quality of the soil is destroyed for good. The best way forward is to opt for the age old tradition of using manures and compost therefore. It would be best for the farmers and gardeners to check the usability of the conventional sources for keeping the soil nourished and the production high by requesting the lab to test it in order to maintain food safety.