Agricultural and Veterinary Pesticides Trading Dubai

PROFILE OF Agricultural and Veterinary Pesticides Trading

Several companies in the UAE deal with agricultural and veterinary pesticides trading. They are the leaders in the distribution of organic pesticides. They offer top notch pest management solutions. It is due to the advanced equipments and high quality pesticides available in the UAE that it is widely known as one of the best suppliers in the industry. They have strong workforce which is skilled in performing all the trade related operations and exporting the pesticides to different regions of the world such as Europe, USA, Asia, Europe and Australia. They are dedicated in designing, fabricating and selling a wide range of pesticides and related products to local and international markets.

The agricultural and veterinary pesticides trading companies based in the UAE have a team of qualified and skilled professionals who can cater to the demands of customers, suppliers and associates. The pesticides and other products sold by these companies are safe and effective because they are produced with modernized equipments. The trading firms have long term associations with the suppliers and they together contribute towards meeting the needs of customers in the market. The quality of agricultural pesticides is what that makes these companies reliable. These innovative solutions of pesticides play a great role in the protection of crops. The trading firms also hire specialists in the management of pests in the urban areas.

The organic pesticides supplied by the UAE based trading companies are certified and approved products to be used across all the sectors such as animal health, agriculture, public health, pest control and others. Receiving quality products is assured with the UAE traders. The agricultural and veterinary pesticides trading companies supply only those pesticides that have passed the test of quality, safety and efficacy. These products are approved by the government and are sold through license permission taken from the respective authority. Most importantly, these pesticides meet the standards and conditions set by the government. They are manufactured by the top companies that comply with international standards during the manufacturing and production stages.

To ensure safety of consumers, it is important that only the safe and high quality pesticides are traded in the market. For this reason, the UAE traders make sure all the pesticides comply with health standards and policies set by the government on the import and export of pesticides. The Ministry at the United Arab Emirates has categorized all the pesticides according to various factors such as type of pesticide, toxicity level, danger involved, damage to environment, toxicity to animals and others. Only the pesticides that are approved can be traded while those that are banned cannot be supplied in the market.

There are some of the pesticides that are poisonous and are banned by the UAE government. It is important to ban these products for the protection of human and animals as well as the health of plants. Usage of the poisonous products can be dangerous for the environment. The UAE government notifies the traders not to supply the banned pesticides that can be fatal to the living beings. Since mid-2000s, 401 out of 835 pesticides were extensively banned by the government.

The pesticides have an essential role to play in the protection of crops from pests. They completely eradicate all the pest related problems. Several trade exhibition centers in the UAE showcase their pesticides and other agricultural products to the public from time to time. Hundreds of exhibitors participate in these exhibitions to present their products among the consumers and common public. These innovative products are of great interest to the customers from all the sectors such as animal husbandry, fisheries, aquaculture, irrigation, agricultural machinery, horticulture and others. All these exhibitors display their products under one roof.