Agarwood and Incense Trading Dubai

PROFILE OF Agarwood and Incense Trading

It is often said that agarwood scent is even more precious than the gold. The United Arab Emirates is a hub of a number of companies dealing with agarwood and incense trading. A lot of people in the world love the fragrance of agarwood. The use of incense sticks is very common in houses and temples. This earthy scent is in high demand across the globe. It plays an important role in the incense trade. Agarwood consists of a resin which is used for the production of Oud oil, popularly known as liquid gold. The UAE companies have been working in the agarwood incense business for a lot of years.

At the agarwood and incense trading ports in the Middle East, one can find a number of shops selling agarwood. Agarwood has been very expensive timber since ancient time. In the earlier times, agarwood was used as a painkiller for its medical use but now, it is being used as incense. Aquilaria trees are the trees from which agarwood is extracted. Agarwood is also called as the king of incense. It is being traded in Asia and the Middle East extensively. Some part of the resin in agarwood is harvested for making incense chips. Larger logs of agarwood are also sold for making hand-carved sculptures. The resin in agarwood is especially used for producing incense and perfumes.

Distillation of agarwood resin is done for the production of Oud oil. This is an important ingredient for the production of popular perfumes. The resin from the agarwood tree is not produced by every tree. Only 7 percent of the trees are found to produce resin. The Middle East is the region known for largest consumption of agarwood products. Oil produced from agarwood is the main ingredient found in 400 fragrances. The wood chips of Oudh are widely used in the production of incense, rosary beads, green tea, powder and necklaces. There has not been an alternative to Oudh and its authenticity is well recognized with its high demand in agarwood and incense trading.

The UAE is the country which acts as a distribution center for supplying agarwood in India, Hong, Vietman, Middle East, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore. Hydro, carbon dioxide and steam distillation are the processes used for the extraction of oil from agarwood. Out of these processes, steam distillation is considered to be the highly popular method of distillation. During this process, conversion of wood to chips is done which is followed by its cooking in a still for removing the oil. The most expensive and pure form is the first distillate. The oil extracted from agarwood can be kept pure or it can be blended with other cheaper essential oils such as alcohol, sandalwood and others.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine considers agarwood as one of the top 10 herbal medicines in China. In the ancient period of China, agarwood plant was used for treating digestive problems. According to the practitioners of Ayurveda, agarwood has a lot of beneficial properties and it is used for providing relief for various ailments such as chest, skin and head. Agarwood is commonly called with different names such as agar, oud and oodh. In the Southeast Asia, formation of agarwood occurs in Gyrinops and Aquilaria trees. Once the tress is infected with a mold, agarwood is formed.

The UAE companies dealing with agarwood trading are supplying the best quality agarwood which is known for its purity, fine quality and exact composition. They are counted among the best in industry for providing the best quality agarwood in the international market. Quality agarwood products such as oil, perfumes, incense, wood chips, incense sticks etc. are produced by the use of quality raw ingredients.