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PROFILE OF Adhesives Trading

The adhesives trading companies in the United Arab Emirates offer a wide range of products and services. They serve clients in the regions of Middle East, Indian Sub Continent, Africa and other parts of the world. Their technicians are experienced in the distribution of different varieties of adhesive products. They are highly reputed in selling high quality products at affordable prices to the customers. They are leading manufacturers of aerosols, silicone sealants, tapes, coatings and adhesives, to name a few. They market the products to various parts of the world. In the consumer market, construction and manufacturing industries, they are the leading specialists.          

The UAE based adhesives trading companies supply different types of products such as industrial adhesives, gasketing materials, sealants, hot melt adhesives, adhesive tapes, epoxy adhesives, sticks, applicators, tooling products and others. They are consistently ranked as the leading suppliers in the world. Their delivery system is fast and effective to deliver quality products of supreme quality. These companies also manufacture and supply tile adhesives in large number. Their services are specialized in producing adhesives and other products used for building and construction. For various applications, these adhesive products can be used for tiling applications for different types of tiles such as floor tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, bathroom tiles and other floor tiles.

There are various kinds of adhesives and coatings available with the adhesives trading suppliers in the UAE market. These include floor adhesive, contact adhesive, UPVC adhesive and others. Apart from this, there are many pressure sensitive tapes such as masking tapes, aluminium foil tapes, warning tapes, bopp packaging tapes, surface protection PE tapes, reinforce aluminium tapes, duct tapes, PVC tapes, foam tapes and others. The facility of printing and utilization of latest machinery are the keys to manufacture the quality adhesive products. The traders of adhesives ensure sourcing the products from leading manufacturing brands that are known for their quality.

Different adhesives have different properties and applications. PIR adhesive is used in a number of metal substrates and foams. It is extremely useful for HVAC applications. The contact adhesive is one of the types of adhesives that have high strength and its specialty is that it gets bonded instantly. It is also known as multipurpose adhesive. Most of the materials can be easily fixed with contact adhesive. Also, it can even fix together the non-porous surfaces such as metal to metal. It is thus highly useful in a wide range of household repairs. The floor adhesive is highly beneficial for joining vinyl coverings, PU foam, PVC sheets and other such materials. Similar to contact adhesive, floor adhesive can also be used in bonding almost all kinds of non-porous as well as porous substances. For the inclined and horizontal structures, floor adhesives are highly recommended.

For joining the pipes of hot water, pipe fittings and cementing various kinds of pipes, CPVC adhesives are used. Similarly, UPVC adhesives also have same kinds of uses and are extremely helpful in joining the normal water pipes and other pipes. To fix the wooden parts and repair them well, MDF Bond is a very popular adhesive product. It is suitable for fixing rubber, plastics, cork, leather and other materials. Aluminium industry, glass industry, automobile industry, HVAC industry, construction projects and many other industries extensively use adhesive products. Other than this, various kinds of tapes are also available such as bopp tapes, duct tapes, warning tapes, foam tapes, masking tapes and others. Protection tapes and specialty tapes are the other broad categories of adhesive tapes. Different types of sealants that can be used apart from tapes and adhesives include acrylic sealant, alkoxy sealant, neutral sealant, hybrid sealant, acetoxy sealant and others.