Adhesive and Paper Slitting Dubai

PROFILE OF Adhesive and Paper Slitting

There are several leading suppliers of adhesive and paper slitting machines in the United Arab Emirates. They are widely reputed companies involved in the manufacturing and supplying of paper slitting machines. Depending upon the type of paper, machine used varies. There are different kinds of papers available in the UAE market such as filter paper, butter paper, ice cream cup paper and others. Several types of basic and advanced paper slitting machines can be purchased in the market such as slitter and rewinder machine, slitter rewinder plant, heavy duty slitter rewinder machine, slitter rewinder, aluminium foil rewinder, toilet roll making machine, winder rewinder machine, ATM thermal slitting rewinding machine, aluminium foil slitting machine, thermal roll making machine, auto slitting rewinding machine and many others.

Similar to paper slitting machines, adhesive tape slitting machines also vary according to the type of adhesive tape available in the market. Various top quality tape slitter rewinding machines include self adhesive tape slitting rewinding machine, micro tape slitter rewinding machine, masking tape slitting rewinding machine, duct tape slitter rewinding machine, BOPP tape slitting rewinding machine and others. The UAE companies have years of expertise in exporting and trading the adhesive slitting machines. These adhesive and paper slitting machines are capable of working efficiently and slitting all kinds of papers and adhesive tapes. The self adhesive tape slitting machines can slit various materials such as plastic, paper board, fax roll, textile cloth, film ribbon, mask tape, laminated tape, rubber and others.  

A wide range of paper slitting machines available with the UAE suppliers include filter paper slitter rewinding machine, fax roll paper slitting rewinding machine, butter paper slitting rewinding machine, paper board slitting rewinding machine, paper slitting rewinding machine, ice cream cup paper slitting rewinding machine and others. Various components of the self adhesive tape slitting machines are unwinder, slitting units, NIP units, rewinder and rollers. These machines are highly accurate in performance and have great rewinding qualities. They yield flawless results and make sure the slitting of rolls is perfect, consistent and efficient in terms of speed. To meet the suitable requirements of the customers, these machines can also be available in adaptable model. These perfect machines are available in various forms such as cantilever differential slitter and rewinder, rewinder and duplex surface slitter and rewinder. Working on these machines needs less vibration while accurate slitting occurs at extremely high speed. The crush cutting system and razor blade make these machines highly efficient.

The paper products are manufactured using quality raw materials and utilization of world class production techniques. The adhesive and paper slitting are state of the art equipments used in the manufacturing and packaging industries. These machines are highly reliable for their excellent performance, longer service life, rust proof body and easy operability. Drum type, HDPE, label, PP, PVC, poly propylene, tarpaulin, automatic, canter, canti lever, non woven, plastic, polyester, heavy duty, light duty and a number of other slitting machines are available with the UAE companies that are used in accordance with the type of materials. BOPP, tape, automatic Teflon, mini BOPP, self adhesive tape, core loader, cello tape, baby slitter and other varieties of adhesive tape cutting machines can be found with the suppliers of the Emirates.

Machines used for slitting are utilized for various applications. For instance, slitting machine is used for slitting filter paper into different sizes for making several types of filters. Any kind of filter paper ranging in different material and thickness can be slitted with these efficient machines. Similarly, slitting can be done on adhesive tapes, laminates, fax rolls, coated papers, photograph papers, cling films, ice cream cup papers and others, to name a few.