Accounting and Office Machinery Rental Dubai

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PROFILE OF Accounting and Office Machinery Rental

There are a number of companies in the UAE that provide accounting and office machinery rental services. They offer state of the art equipments and machineries on rent needed for office and account related work. Transportation, light industrial, healthcare, green energy, construction, technology and others are some of the industries that take advantage of these rental services. Once an order is placed to rent office equipment, it is essential to monitor, track and account each and every stage of it until it is returned back by the client. Only the equipment which is working well can be rented out and only that equipment leads to generation of revenues and hence, it is important for the rental company to ensure the productivity of that equipment.

The UAE companies providing accounting and office machinery rental services are responsible for a variety of activities such as maintaining the schedules for short term and long term lessors, maintenance of office equipments, tracking these equipments, checking the inventory of the supplies on rent, managing the time logs of rental and others. In order to stay efficient on their jobs, they face numerous challenges. They have to make sure about the safety and efficacy of the equipments they want to lease out to their clients. These equipments need to be checked and serviced on a regular basis. Then only, it can be ensured that they operate satisfactorily. To ensure regular maintenance, companies use tools such as asset tracking system which can send reminder from time to time if the maintenance of a particular equipment is due or not. Apart from this, log of all the maintenance activities performed on the equipment is also documented well.

The asset tracking system tool used by the accounting and office machinery rental service provider keeps an account of the whereabouts of every piece of the equipment which has been rented to the customer. This ensures that the equipment is safe and it also eliminates the risk of its theft or damage. Basically, the rental equipment is tagged and with the help of tags, the equipment is then tracked on a real time basis. Customized reports can be used by the managers to control the in and out of the rental equipments. Other than this, through personal tracking, employees who deliver and pick up the equipments to and from the clients can also be tracked. The time they spend to deliver equipment is logged into the system as well as their location can be well tracked. This further ensures safety of equipment and enhances productivity of employees.

The rental companies have well integrated equipment rental management system which they can use to trace the machinery in a real time scenario and collect associated data very easily. General equipments, medical equipments, construction equipments, cabins, containers, dewatering systems, pumps, boxes, power system or just anything can be rented and managed without any hurdles. In the board categories, various equipments can be rented for their use in different industries such as plant hire, IT, MEP, laundry, die tools and others. For the construction industry, various equipments that can be hired include generators, drilling machines, lighting towers, block cutters, master pac compactors, automobile batteries, forklifts, concrete mixers, abrasive wheels, vibratory rollers and others.

 Some of the facility cabin and containers that can be made available on rent include offshore accommodation unit, kitchen diner containers, wire mesh fences and others. Apart from this, some of the small tools and machineries that customers can buy on rent include concrete mixers, industrial coolers, roller compactors, electric air compressors, diesel generators, jack hammers, portable AC, plate compactors, roller compactors and others. Power supply systems, dewatering systems etc. are some other examples.