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What material is the Abaya made of?

Chiffon is a translucent, lightweight fabric used to create various garments, including abayas. Polyester is the material manufacturers use to make Abayas. The cloth is well-known for its flowing appearance, which adds to its charm. They're not only excellent for making gorgeous abayas, but they're also great for making hijabs.

What are the differences between an abaya and a hijab?

The main distinction between hijabs and abayas is that a hijab is a headscarf that only covers a woman's upper body, including her head and shoulders. On the other hand, an abaya is a long cloak or garment that covers a woman's whole body. An abaya is worn over clothing, but a hijab is worn directly on the head like a scarf.

What is meant by 'ABAYA'?

The Abaya or "cloak," also known as an aba, is a basic, loose overgarment, essentially a robe-like outfit worn by certain women in Islamic countries such as North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Abayas are traditionally black and might be a big square of cloth hung from the shoulders or head or a long caftan. Except for the face, feet, and hands, the Abaya covers the whole body.

Why is the Abaya black in color?

There are several reasons why the Abaya is black:

  • Women utilized black goatskin to make clothing in ancient times when resources were scarce. Because goatskin was readily available, ladies made abayas in a black hue.
  • The black Abaya does not highlight the body in direct sunlight.
  • Black is an unappealing color. As a result, all Islamic apparel, such as the burka, hijab, and Abaya, is black.